We Release Pledged Gold

Our representative will assist you to close the loan by paying the required amount to release the pledged gold to the financial institution.

The segment that caters to the pledging needs is Banks, pawn brokers, financers and more recently the organised segment of (Non Banking Financial Company) NBFC's. It is a fairly simple and fast process and normally does not need much documentation. The size of funds raised through this method ranges from small to large amounts. Interest rates are fairly consistent and payable monthly.

Gold pledging is one of the most common methods to raise funds in cases of emergencies, setting up new businesses, arranging for medical emergencies or any other immediate need.


The added up interest and principal add up fairly quickly and before a person realises, the value of the pledged amount rises to proportions of unaffordability and ability to release these pledged jewellery.


It is also noteworthy that the price of gold has always been on the rise and there are differences in the value of the pledged gold over the period of the pledge.


We at HNS GOLD will help the customer to release their gold and other jewellery from banks, pawn shops, financiers; NBFC's and buy back the gold at the market rate of the day of sale.


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