As per the norms, a person must be at least 18 years and above is allowed to transact. Persons between the age group of 18 and 21 years should have the family members or legal guardian with written permissions with their documentation.

Seller must provide mandatory one ID and address for verification.

Seller is allowed to sell only those items which are purchased and inherited or if it belongs to spouse with their written consent only.

Seller is not allowed to sell the articles belonging to friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other persons.

Release Your Pledged Gold from Banks Or Any Finance Company – Cash For Gold

Why pay interest when you have the option to free your mortgage gold from mortgage brokers, NBFCs, financial institutions and other financial institutions? The best gold companies offer the difference amount with the gold or jewelry pledged near you and instant payment via cash / online transfer mode.

Today, it has become a common practice to pledged gold, jewelry or any other valuable ornament in exchange for cash to meet personal or professional needs. Due to heavy interest rates, most customers fail to deliver on the promised gold and interest rates are added to the amount of the loan. Therefore, it will be difficult for customers to think about sales and even get the real price of gold.

Why HNS Gold Company to release pledged gold?

We understand how worrying it is to repay a large loan amount. You can promise to invest gold in a business, take out a loan for marriage, pay bills for medical, educational or any other need. When it becomes difficult to repay the loan amount at the mortgaged gold or jewelry auction, you may lose the real value of your valuables. Simply put, even banks do not support or understand the details of the promised gold and they set the auction time according to the scheduled time. This will add to your stress level and you may lose the real value of gold

But the question in your mind is why did HNS Gold Company rescue you? To gold buyers, we not only buy and sell gold, we also deliver the promised gold and give you the rest of the money after paying for the release of the gold.

HNS Gold Company of India is considered to maintain the standard of professionalism in conducting transactions in a transparent mode. Our business is your best everywhere in Bangalore, you can drop off the promised gold and go to the nearest center to sell your gold.

Know Process of Converting Your Pledged Gold to Cash

At HNS Gold Company, we make it easy for the customer to withdraw the promised gold from NBFC / Banks / Pawnbroker etc. Our hassle free method will help you get the best price.

Procedure to Release Pledged Gold

First, our executives collect the promised details from the customer.

The estimated value of gold will be disclosed to the customer after deducting the amount paid for the redemption of gold.

If the customer is satisfied, our executive will inspect the location with the customer.

Pay the required amount to the committed company to release the promised gold.

The purity of the promised gold will be performed in our office and the evaluation has been completed.

The method of 100% accuracy verification uses German devices with the latest XRF technology in a transparent manner.

If any discrepancies are found, HNS Gold Company will pay you the balance amount on the spot or via IMPS / RTGS / NEFT.

Documents Required to Release Pledged Gold

Original Pledge or Pawn Ticket

A valid ID Proof

A valid and latest Address Proof

Passport size photo

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